TruEnergy is fast becoming the energy provider of choice for utility splitting companies.

Our competitive prices, attention to detail and ability to resolve complex supply issues makes us the right choice for businesses that require high levels of customer service and accuracy


 TruEnergy was established to service an existing utility splitting business. The wealth of industry knowledge accumulated in that time means we understand the requirements of such companies and can provide the right data, billing accuracy and service.

Smart Meters

Where needed, we manage the the booking, installation and maintenance of smart meters. Your portfolio is then billed to real time reads and you gain the insights from such usage data.

Green power

100% renewable electricity from reputable solar or wind sources.

Huddle Utilities – London

Huddle Utilities is a London-based utility service and liability splitting service provider serving the UK student market. Managing a portfolio of over 3000 student households in Leeds, Durham, Bath and other locations, we turned to TruEnergy to be our primary gas and electricity provider. Our key consideration is price, but service is also important as we tend to experience high occupancy turnover, so queries around meter reading and change-of-tenancy are always cropping up. TruEnergy has done a fantastic job of helping us manage our utility supplies and I would thoroughly recommend them.”
Paul Garmeson (Director)
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