Industrial Sites

TruEnergy works with facility managers and finance heads on purchasing strategies for large industrial users of energy.

kVA optimisation

kVA optimisation which ensures that companies are not being unfairly penalised on “capacity charges” levied by distribution network operators. On average capacity charges account for 6% of commercial energy costs.

Transmission network

Transmission network use of system (TNUoS) optimisation which if successfully implemented can reduce overall commercial energy spend by 8%.

Green Power

100% renewable electricity from reputable solar or wind sources.

Avon Metals – Gloucester

“Avon Metals is a large Gloucester based manufacturer of aluminium. While we used to employ consultants, we decided to switch to TruEnergy in September 2017 and promptly reduced our annual energy spend by over £70,000. TruEnergy has also been extremely helpful in suggesting ways to reduce transmission charges through “triad avoidance” which could potentially save us a further £45,000 per annum. We have also worked with TruEnergy on kVA optimisation as new legislation beginning in April 2018 theoretically means we could get penalised for breaching capacity limits. I would thoroughly recommend using TruEnergy to help manage energy procurement.” 
Phil Brewer (CEO)
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