2023 has provided it’s ups and downs for everyone in the energy industry and despite a tough year operationally TruEnergy is proud to announce that we have exceeded our target installations for electricity smart metering by 165%!

Under sections 44A and 38A of the Electricity and Gas Supply Licence Conditions, all suppliers are required to forecast and report on the progress of their smart metering rollouts. For 2023 Tru’s targets were to install at least 341 Electricity and 683 Gas SMETS 2 Smart Meters.

We overachieved on the electricity side, installing a grand total of 565 Electricity Smart meters across the UK.

Unfortunately we fell short of the gas meter installation target by 35%, only installing a total of 432 Gas smart meters. There was great effort by the team but unfortunately, we couldn’t quite meet the target for this year.

Looking ahead to 2024

We always strive for excellence and with some major changes to our strategy moving into 2024 including a complete overhaul of the bookings process, forecasting and major system changes, we are confident we can beat the targets for the next calendar year and not see any shortfall in installations.

It will be a challenge, but one we will embrace with gusto!

TruEnergy’s targets as agreed with Ofgem for the coming year are to install at least 608 Electricity and 657 Gas SMETS 2 Smart meters.

As our portfolio expands, so does our appetite to install smart meters in any property we can, so we look forward to installing a brand-new smart meter in your home or business too!

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