After many months of diligent work behind the scenes at TruEnergy, it gives us all immense pleasure to announce that we are live on the SMETS2 DCC network!

The SMETS2 DCC network is the smart network shared across all suppliers in the UK and allows for all first and second smart meters currently installed today to communicate with the respective supplier to the property. Running on a 3G network much like your phone, this allows smart meters to send and receive data with a supplier’s systems, and allows us to collect meter readings, to top up smart prepayment meters, and fix problems completely remotely.

This will hugely impact all aspects of our company and how we do things, along with streamlining and improving our service to our customers.

What does this mean for me?

  • If you have a newer generation smart meter installed by another supplier, we will soon be able to collect readings remotely and have much more control over the functions on the meter.
  • We will be able to send messages to the meter and collect far more information including the current signal strength in your area in case of any outages to the smart system.
  • We will be able to continue using smart data for insights and analysis and help you keep your bills low and streamline your portfolio’s usage.
  • We will be rolling out SMETS2 meter installations in the next few weeks where we will be engaging with landlords, calling tenants, and working with you to upgrade your metering systems, for free, to the newest and best versions available.
  • SMETS2 meters work with all suppliers across the country, so once the meters are installed and connected, they will not lose connection even when a property switches to a different supplier.


  • In accordance with the standard supplier license conditions laid out by Ofgem, TruEnergy now has a public target of the number of SMETS2 Smart Meters we will be installing in 2022.
  • TruEnergy’s target as agreed Ofgem is to install at least 159 electricity and 186 gas SMETS2 smart meters by 31/12/2022.
  • TruEnergy’s target is to install a smart meter in as many properties as we can, and ultimately we want to install a smart meter for 100% of properties supplied by TruEnergy. Our internal targets, therefore, are to install at least 250 electricity and 250 gas SMETS2 smart meters by the end of the year.

Smart for business:

  • One of the most exciting aspects of our SMETS2 rollout is now our ability to service smart meters for our industrial electricity sites.
  • With our smart meter rollout we will also be offering 3-phase smart meters for your office or business.
  • We understand that running your business to maximal efficiency is your number one priority, so having a smart meter installed will provide some useful tools to help with this.
  • You will never receive any estimated bills, so gone are the days of overestimated bills which are redone with multiple credits, invoices, and headaches for your finance team.
  • With data insights we can work together to cut down your business’s environmental impact and expenditure on bills through energy savings tips and advice.
  • Smart metering unlocks a world of new tariffs and billing options.
  • When you have a smart meter installed, we can predict much more accurately your daily demand of electricity – and using this then make sure we provide you with energy from renewable sources when you need it, helping us all to achieve net zero.

If you have any queries on smart meters or what they can do for you, or to book in your free smart meter installation today, then please contact our dedicated team at

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